Artists, Leading Brands, DJs, and Producers Consider UGM Digital a Trusted Source for Music

“When it comes to music, UGM Digital never fails to deliver. As a producer, being able to have a source for instrumentals and acapellas for remixes is great. Love the brand, love people, and love the community!”

Dan “Dilemma” Thomas, GRAMMY nominated producer

“UGM Digital is doing great work with the DJ community, which is vitally needed in these times.”

Opuruiche “OP” Miller, Serato Artist Relations Manager

“UGM Digital is my #1 choice when I’m looking for the hottest music in Christian Hip-Hop. With UGM, I keep my crates ready with exclusive remixes, mashups, DJ edits and DJ Tools. No cap!”

DJ Tranzformed, New York

“UGM Digital is such a phenomenal site for DJs. I would most definitely recommend it to all of the DJs and producers I’m connected with. If you’re not part of the pool, you’re not part of the movement!”

DJ Sticky, California

“The UGM team has been very accommodating and easy to work with. I am excited to see what the future holds.”

DJ Justified, California

“UGM Digital is a very innovative digital record pool for today’s modern music industry. Good company, great people we look forward to working with them!

Michael Matthews, Digital Radio Tracker, Founder

"We know you will say the same thing..."


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