GAWVI Encourages Us That We’re Not Too Far

Reach Records resident producer and artist GAWVI has undoubtedly created a serious lane for himself with his unique brand of pop/hip-hop fusion. This fusion has introduced us to quite a few solid songs and albums from the Bronx born, Miami raised artist. Not Too Far, his latest effort and the lead single from his upcoming album, Heathen, continues to showcase his ability to consistently push the sonics contained in pop and hip-hop.

The song encourages the listener that no matter how far they think they are from God, it is His Love that continues to demonstrate that He is not far from them. GAWVI consistently shows his ability to take a simple concept and translate it well. If Not Too Far is any indication of what Heathen will be like lyrically and sonically, then it is safe to say that GAWVI fans are in for another body of work that will not disappoint.

Our DJs give Heathen 4 turntables

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