Bachi and Namesake Come Wit It On their Latest Single

Tallahassee rapper Bachi is no stranger to collaborations. With his latest single, Wit It, he links up with Chicago producer Namesake to present a light-hearted track that continues to showcase his distinct rhyme flow among his peers.

Sonically, Namesake crafts a track that gives Bachi an opportunity to do what he does best: create a playful lyrical approach to bouncy tracks. Namesake isn’t new to the production game, having crafted tracks for nobigdyl, WHATUPRG, as well as his work with St. Louis rapper pinkcaravan! The track is punchy and has a vibe. However, what could really take the song to the next level is a catchier hook that would have a listener not only vibing but singing along as well. Bachi and Namesake bring it with this record and you will definitely keep a record like this on repeat.

Our DJs give Wit It, three turntables

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