What happened to pop music in 2016?

Pop music is a musical genre and the most consistent part of musicappropriate mass culture ( en . Popular culture ) throughout the twentieth century , continuing until today. In the vast majority of pop music is a loose structure, the rhythms agreeable, often dancing . Favorite subjects for pop genre are: love (fulfilled or not), freedom , success, etc.
The word “pop” is taken from English, which serves as an abbreviation forthe adjective popular ( “famous“, “famous“); English term spawned several concepts concerning the culture produced by the population of the city , approaches art with a degree of utility significantly higher than the creation cults (which relies not infrequently the ” art for art “) by circulation of messages of protest caused by the vices of society , of politics national or global etc. Had the greatest impact on the concept of popular culture (shorter pop culture ), which introduces a strong culture savant. His work borrows some features of folklore (for music, see also here ), but the authors are most often city dwellers; therefore, the level of education school is higher, most of the representatives of the new culture being at least semi-Doctor. After proving the success of the new movements, pop culture has brought to light other than that disinterested sides, it is a strategy looking both to influence public policy decisions that target and operation of commercial purposes.

Pop music covers a significant part of the musical manifestations of this culture to the masses; time, needs taxonomic have restricted the scope of meanings, meanings of its old names being indicated with new music trends derived.

In particular genres protesting uncomfortable and chose a proper track. Going by Nowadays, pop music has kept topics which reflect daily life, most commonly being described devoid of spectacular events; just this recipe which guarantees (or often simulates when commercial reason is obvious) sincerity demonstrated success majority genre continues to enjoy.
Romanian language , like English, has to use the adjective “popular”, represented by the construction of popular music . But it would be a kind differentiated net that can at most be merged with pop music subgenres within ethno-pop, ethno-dance etc. (use and script ethno ). In itself, folk music is an adaptation of traditional music , a stylized interpretation of folk music themes. Homogenization desired form, orchestration (it gives rise to various kinds of small ensembles – folk music bands ), melody is subjectacordicii (where music folklore belonged strict system of heights modal sound , appearance accompaniment in agreements by third forces a shift towards tonalismsimple).

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